How to Dispose of a Dead Dog

In most states of the USA, you are allowed to bury your dead dog in your backyard. But if a dog is put to sleep by giving chemo or euthanized with the controlled drug should not be buried in your backyard as its dead body is a great risk for other wildlife and pets. Knowing how to properly dispose of a dead animal and taking care of it right away is important; however for your health and the well-being of everyone else. Here are some basic guidelines.

Holding dead animals

If possible, dont try to touch the dead dog, but if you have to do so, then properly wear gloves, and after picking them up, put them into the plastic bags or plastic sheets. 


If you are burying animal yourself on your own property, then put the dog in a coffin before placing in the ground. Simply dig a hole and place the dog in the dirt before covering. When burying a dog on your property, its a good idea to make sure the hole is approximately two feet deep to prevent scavengers from digging up the dogs body. You should have a small ceremony and send your dog off with good wishes as he was your companion for many years.

Many states have laws that prohibit pet owners from burying animals while also giving instructions on how to bury an animal properly. When burying a dog, its best to bury his body away from any source of water and be sure to check with your local utility company. You dont want to cut a gas line or utility service while you dig a gravesite.

If you are not allowed to bury your dog in your backyard due to laws or any other reasons, then the next best option is burying your dog at the crematory. When it comes time to hold your dogs service, you have an option to choose a sing plot or communal plot cemetery. 


This can be another option, but most of us dont have access to incineration, so you may consider cremation. In cremation dogs are disposed of by veterinarians in a controlled environment if your veterinarian euthanizes your dog, you may request cremation. Your dogs ashes can then be sent home in a decorative urn commemorating his life.

Animal Control Services

This service can be used if you find a dead animal on the road or street. If that animal has a microchip, it means that it is a missing dog, and someone is searching for him, if you call animal control services, they will find out who is the owner of that dog. If you ever find out such a dog, never try to touch him as there may be some bacteria or viruses  For your own dog. However, we suggest considering one of the other options weve discussed.

Throw it away

This is not a suggested way as it is a disrespectful and inhumane way; your dog was your best friend; he deserves respect and better afterlife care. 

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